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Relaunching A Title

Have you given it your best and still sales have fallen flat? Maybe a publisher's enthusiasm for your book ran dry and you've regained the rights to your work. How about the do-it-yourself effort that yielded bad reviews and no sales? 

There are second chances in publishing, and if you retain the rights to your book, now is the time to claim that opportunity. Let's get to work relaunching your brand newly branded book. 

Your reclaimed title requires:

  • - That the work is exclusively your intellectual property.

  • - That you own the rights to the work.

  • - That you are not legally obligated to any other publisher for distribution access to your work.

  • - That your work has been professionally edited.

  • - That previous published versions have been delisted at all distribution networks.

The one-time flat fee of $3,000 includes:

  • Creation of an individualized, author-branded cover in ebook, paperback, hardcover and audiobook versions.

  • ISBN's registered to author for ebook, paperback and hardcover versions.

  • Interior formatting for digital, paperback and hardcover versions.

  • Assist author in title and subtitle creation, or recreation.

  • Develop product description, blurb, keywords, categories and metadata.

  • Publish completed book into network of direct retailers and global wholesale distribution to include over 39,000 potential sales channels such as bookstores, churches, schools and libraries.

  • Tracking and management of monthly book sales and regular royalty payments.

  • Landing page for promoting sales, collecting reader emails and notifying subscribers of official launch and updates.

  • Free creation and publishing of promotional summary e-book based on your main work to introduce the author and preview the book.

  • Expert consultation for repurposing written content to increase published titles and sales exposure.

  • Book cover media graphic package. 

Let's do a quick call when you're free.
Reading a Book

Let's Relaunch

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