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Published Books, Not Unchecked Bucket Lists

Ready To Publish?

You provide the vision and Five Stones Press delivers a professional e-book, paperback, hardcover and audiobook for distribution. We provide you with a straightforward path for publishing your dream to market. 


Our exclusive partnerships allow your title to be listed across a vast network of markets. If you've written a manuscript, are in the process of writing it, or have plans to soon begin writing, now is the time to start the publishing process.

How It Works

The common goal of sharing your vision is what brings us together. We provide a direct process to market-ready products.

  • Flat publishing fee.

  • One-on-One coaching. 

  • Professionally edited manuscript. 

  • Branded cover in e-book, paperback, hardcover & audiobook formats

  • Created product description, title metadata and keywords.

  • Title listed into our vast sales distribution networks.

  • Manage sales reporting and royalty payments.

  • Author-advocate contract and royalty shares.

You're In Control

You maintain creative access to your content. This allows you to repurpose content, expand major themes listed in your original work and develop additional titles such as curriculum study and leader guides.


You're in charge throughout the creative process. Your publishing package is designed to expand your marketability and reader purchasing options. Writing is the challenging part; publishing shouldn't be. If you're serious about becoming a professionally published author, let's get started.



Thanks for submitting!

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