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Customer Relations Policy for Expressive Businesses

The board of Five Stones Press operate the 501c3 religious nonprofit according to the principles of their faith. Each employee must review and understand the board's Statement of Faith and Religious Purpose. In keeping with those principles, employees must treat every person with compassion, kindness, respect, and dignity while at work.

In the event a customer requests a service that would or might involve expressing a message contrary to the

board’s statement of faith, the employee must politely defer an answer until he or she has consulted with the board's or their designee. If instructed to decline the service, the employee must explain that the requested service would communicate a message that Five Stones Press is unwilling to express.

The employee should also offer to refer the customer to one or more businesses that are willing to provide the expressive service. The employee should also offer to directly connect the customer to one or more businesses that are willing to provide the expressive service. Each employee must verify that they have reviewed this policy and agree to follow it.

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