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it's a good thing...

God has blessed us with so many amazing book projects,

that we've had to rethink our author acquisition process. 


We are limiting the number of new author relationships. Five Stones Press is part of our ministry and we believe in carefully stewarding connections for God's glory.

We're happy to connect, but in an effort to be fair and efficient with your time and ours, please only contact us if you are ready and able to begin the process toward publishing your book.  

The Straight Scoop


if you are ready...

We want to help everyone realize their dream of publishing a book.

Five Stones Press will cheer for you and pray if requested, but to be fair to everyone who is ready to take that faith step, we can only move forward with writers ready,

willing and able to make the commitment. 



Five Stones Press is a faith-based ministry and only accepts Christian, non-fiction inquiries.

We look forward to working together. 

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Five Stones Press

1001 South Hwy 67

Cedar Hill, Texas 75104

Dallas County, USA

(413) 324-8402

501c3 Nonprofit Ministry

Proceeds benefit God's kingdom

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